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Strategy Sparring

We support you in designing a tangible strategy and put it into action. Identifying relevant challenges to face for your customers and exploiting opportunities to fill a market need.
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Innovation Workout

In far too many companies strategy has deteriorated to a meagre blabla. Let's change this. Join our smart online and offline training to get you and your key staff up to speed. Learn the best tools for strategy and innovation development and how to apply them in your organization. read more

Intrapreneurship Program

Do you need to transform your whole organization and do you want to create more innovation from within? Then the entrepreneurship program is the right one for you. Tackle innovation from within and invest in your employees.


Our Projects

Riva Digital

Digital Health is not about data, it's about YOU! Human centric strategy design and execution. Leding the creation of a Swiss association for the development of digital health solutions. Creating and launching a proof of concept for optical blood pressure sensing with a smart phone camera and on boarding 16k+ users in Switzerland


With #SwissAutonomousValley we're building an ecosystem for the accelerated development and approval of autonomous systems. Cross industry collaboration with 35 international companies (and counting). Creating the rest global virtual space for drones and robots.

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The Innovation Workout
Smart online training combined with personal coaching to develop your strategy and get your innovation off the ground
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RedRock started as a simple passion – help companies to develop simple, human centric strategies for ambitious goals and execute. RedRock is a boutique consulting agency with experts from strategy, business management, user experience design and organisational psychology.


Shape & Build

RedRock helps you to build innovative, human centric strategies and helps you to execute them. Get in touch and test us.

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The people behind RedRock

Founder & Managing Partner

Tobias Pforr

Strategist, Coach, and Entrepreneur with a strong focus on human centricity and interfaces between people, companies, and cultures. Tobias has built up internal incubators and innovation programs helping companies to awaken an entrepreneurial spirit and has designed and built up cross-industry consortia focusing on bringing innovation to different markets. He coaches companies in developing and executing sound strategies for new business development.

RedRock Network

Ingo Schoenwandt

Project Management & Sustainability
Delft University of Technology

Juerg Haefliger

Culture & Organizational Design
Head Learning & Development, SWICA

Phil Bachmann

Design Thinking,
Service Innovation Lab, HTW Chur

Boris Battistini

Metellus Private Investment Office

Bert Binnig

User Experience Design
Homebase Bert Binnig

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