Riva Digital
Our challenge was to find a relevant topic in the healthcare space and make a viable connection to the digital realm.
2017 – 2019
Claudia Pletscher, Post
Christian Wenger, Wenger & Vieli
+ 32 Riva Digital Members
"eHealth is not about data – it is about you!" was the starting point for this project. Together with 10 founding members, the eHealth roundtable from Digitalswitzerland was looking into launching a bet – an ambitious innovation project that needs to be executed within two years.

Through a series of workshops we led and developed a consortium in human centric approaches. Not only did we identify pressing topics, but we also got the right partners on board to execute the crazy idea. The initial consortium was transformed into a Swiss association "Riva Digital", which to date has 32 cross-industry members.

Together with CSEM, Altran, Pryv, and Thomas Guggi we helped in the development of the award winning app for digital blood pressure monitoring – Riva, Digital Blood Pressure.

Riva Digital won several prizes and gained public recognition for the approach and the ambition to lower Switzerland's blood pressure.

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